Brett Blondell
OPEX South Lake client

Brett Blondell

My journey into functional fitness began back in 2013. Previous to this I lived a fairly active
lifestyle for most of my life. However, I was looking for something more, something that would
push my fitness to another level. I found crossfit and fell in love with the training and how
dynamic each day was and could be. I saw progress pretty quickly as I dedicated more and
more time to try and be the best at our gym. However, a few years into it I found myself
plateauing. Not only was I hitting a wall of my limits at the time physically but mentally is
seemed as though what started as a great new training regimen, wasn’t quite hitting the skills
needed consistently enough to compete in the sport. So I decided to get certified as a trainer
to understand better the methodology behind it all and how I can be a better athlete and
eventually coach. After receiving my certification I began to teach group fitness classes ranging
from 5 to 40 people in any given class on any given day. I began to noticed the deficiencies in
generalized programming. Frustrations with people not achieving there individual goals after
years of training was a difficult thing to watch, nearly impossible to address in a large group

I began to look into what other training methods and programs were out there,
functional fitness based but tailored more for the individual. That’s when I discovered OPEX South Lake.
I’ve been working with Brett and Ashley Eddy of OPEX South Lake for a year now
and have seen dramatic improvements in my overall fitness level and my happiness in my
training routine. Before touching a weight they asked what my personal goals were, both in life
and in fitness. This was the first time in all of my years of training that a coach wanted to know
what MY goals were and not just in fitness but more importantly life. We’ve been able to adapt
and changed my training through the year based on competition schedules, travel, and different
seasons of life. We consistently communicate on how I’m feeling physically, how much sleep
I’m getting, and diet. If I’m traveling for work or vacation, we adapt the workouts to fit the
situations. Now that I’ve experienced the OPEX methodology and seen it work in my life, I’ll
never go back to generalized group fitness. The continued support and encouragement that
Brett and Ashley give propel me to be a better athlete but even more important than that, it’s
given me the confidence I’ve needed outside of the gym to overcome the challenges that life
brings on a daily basis.

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