Jennifer Ferraro
OPEX South Lake client

Jennifer Ferraro

“Since working with OPEX South Lake I have seen huge gains in my performance. Switching over from doing CrossFit classes to individualized programming, at first I was weary. I wasn’t sure if I would still be able to have the same passion and excitement without the community I was accustomed to. Little did I know my passion would just escalate and even without a group class, the community at OPEX South Lake is so supportive not only about physical performance but it goes deeper- it’s about you as a person, your life, and your goals.  Seeing the plan my coach has for me to reach specific goals, executing them, and reaping the benefits is what gets me up in the morning. I know why I am doing each workout and know that my coach is on my side, creating that plan to get me to where I want to be. I have seen PRs in many lifts and have made huge advancements in my gymnastics. I have achieved more than I thought I was capable of and my coach knows me better than I know myself. While it is amazing to see these skills are developing and I can see myself getting better and stronger every day that is not what I am most proud of.  OPEX South Lake has created a space where my whole family is inspired and wanting to make positive changes. My parents and brother have all joined the community and are more active and living healthier lifestyles than they have in years and possibly their whole lives. OPEX South Lake has created a supportive environment for all.”

—Jennifer Ferraro 

First Grade Teacher

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