Ashley Eddy-Owner/Head Coach

Ashley Eddy-Owner/Head Coach

"My goal is to help each client become the best version of themselves--inside and outside the gym." --Ashley Eddy

I began my fitness experience two years after my twins were born.  I was stuck in an unhealthy lifestyle and wanted to be the best version of myself for them.  I began chasing long distance running and fell in love.  After a few years of this, I realized that I needed to change up the way I trained.  Riddled with overuse injuries from too much running, I began to lift weights in addition to endurance sports, and eventually found Crossfit. 

Crossfit changed my mindset about fitness.  It soon became what my body could do, not what my body looked like.  I pursued different training and Crossfit certifications and began personal training for client.  After becoming an OPEX client, I realized that I wanted to impact as many people as I could to live a larger life through personalized fitness.  

I am the wife to an amazing man and mother to 6 incredible children.  They are the passion behind everything that I do.  

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