Brett Eddy  Owner / Head Coach

Brett Eddy Owner / Head Coach

"Fitness and Nutrition do not only play a key role in an individuals overall health and well being, but also affect an individuals performance in all aspects of life."

- Brett Eddy


As a child I played every sport I could. As the season changed so did my sport. This lasted up until High School when I devoted all of my time to golf. I went to college on a full ride golf scholarship and was a 2 time Academic All American. After college I spent a few years in the business world before pursuing my passion in fitness. I have been studying different training practices for the past 13 years. These studies include but are not limited to Endurance sports, Body Building, Strength Training, Crossfit, and Olympic Weightlifting. I love the learning process and being able to help a wide array of clients. My passion for fitness led me to Personal Training. I enjoyed being a personal trainer but realized it limited the number of individuals that I could help. That is when my wife, Ashley, and I realized that owning an OPEX gym would provide us with the opportunity to help hundreds of individuals while still providing a personalized experience. 

My number one priority is my family. I am a husband and father of 6 amazing children. There is nothing I enjoy more than spending time with family. Our gym is a family gym and atmosphere. Our goals it to provide a place where families can come in and train together regardless of their abilities.

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