Carrie Cuni
OPEX South Lake client

Carrie Cuni

“We first started with OPEX South Lake because my son wanted to condition for football during the off season.  He is much shorter than the kids he’s going up against so we wanted to make sure he had the strength and agility to make up for it.  Watching how the coaches worked with him and watching him work his hardest inspired me to join.  I was quite intimidated by the appearance of everyone there.  They looked strong.  Stronger than I ever thought I was.  I am now doing things I physically never thought I could do and pushing myself to limits I’ve never pushed to. Which in turn has inspired my husband, who is now a member too.  To say OPEX South Lake is just another gym is a lie.  It is a family and lifestyle that encourages us to be OUR possible best and to believe in ourselves while making our lives healthier.” 

-Carrie Cuni

Mother of four

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