Surround Yourself with Growers
04 May

Surround Yourself with Growers

As we journey through life, we collect notions and ideas that shape the lens through which we see the world. Having a defined worldview helps guide our actions and decide what new information has utility, keeping us on a path of progress. However, there is an important distinction between approaching life with a fixed versus a growth mindset. The former limits progress, while the latter fuels it. 

A fixed mindset puts a ceiling on progress by making us resistant to new perspectives. Someone with a fixed mindset has set beliefs on who they are and what they are capable of. They impose limitations on themselves by believing they have fixed traits that cannot be changed. Consequently, they are often hypersensitive to feedback and consider even constructive criticism to be a personal attack. 

Those that walk into a gym with a fixed-mindset don’t succeed in the long-term. They are typically looking for someone to rubber stamp their current lifestyle and training, and are resistant to alternative approaches. Feedback and small failures are a reason to quit, not to seek a creative solution. Fixed-mindset folks counter suggestions with a reason why they can’t. It’s easy to throw in the towel if you decide your potential is predetermined and beyond your control. 

Having a growth mindset, on the other hand, is integral to seeking progress. Those with this approach to the world see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. They are spurred on by setbacks and take joy in learning. Effort and attitude determine ability for the growth-minded, so they believe that everyone is capable of achieving greatness if they give it the time and energy. 

OPEX clients succeed because they possess a growth mindset. They may already know a thing or two about fitness, but they are open to listening and learning from new perspectives. Their approach to their health is constantly evolving as they’re exposed to new ideas. This is not to say that they blindly accept the word of their coaches, rather, they take feedback graciously, try it out, and make an informed decision on its utility.

The path to health is never perfectly straight and life has a way of throwing us curve balls. Rather than using frustration and challenge as a reason to give up, growth-minded folks use adversity as an opportunity to adapt. 

Take the example of one OPEX South Lake client, who suffers from knee pain from arthritis. 

If she possessed a fixed mindset, you might hear her say, “I can’t work out because it hurts when I run, jump and squat. I’m just not athletic. It’s only going to get worse and I’ll have to get a knee replacement at some point anyway, why bother?”

But because of her growth mindset, she approaches her training by saying, “I help my arthritis by building strength in my legs to help my joints. I work with my coach to find movements like cycling and single-leg exercises that are pain-free, and I eat a low-inflammatory diet because I know it can help chronic joint pain.”

Who would you prefer to train alongside? At OPEX South Lake, you’ll surround yourself with growers. The open-minded attitude of our coaches and clients is infectious and inspiring, and creates an environment that fuels a relentless drive for growth. 

If you’re willing to approach fitness with a growth-mindset, and want to work as a team with your personal OPEX Coach, the floor coaches and other OPEX clients, then you’ll find success in at OPEX South Lake. You have the power to find great health and craft yourself a lifestyle that brings you purpose, so long as you’re open to trying! 

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