We're Here When the Newbie Gains Wear Off
08 Aug

We're Here When the Newbie Gains Wear Off

Been hitting the gym on a regular basis for a few months now and feeling great about it? As you should! It’s no small feat to create a habit that’s going to significantly improve your quality (and length) of life. You’re feeling stronger, sleeping better, eating smarter, and you’re loving every minute of it. 

The first six months or so of any training program are a whirlwind of excitement and rapid progress. The truth is that even in a cookie-cutter group class or without a long-term plan, you can still make some serious initial progress in the gym. After all, going from nothing (or next to it) to a consistent training routine is going to have some pretty apparent effects. 

Unfortunately, these incredible newbie gains, as they’ve become known, are inevitably short-lived and programming that is designed for someone else, or no one at all, isn’t going to be able to prevent them from falling by the wayside as you move toward your 12-month mark.

At OPEX South Lake our individually crafted programming takes into account all of your unique subtleties, quirks, strengths and injuries, so that when those beginner leaps and bounds start to look more like creeps and shuffles (or ideally even before that), you’re taking the necessary steps to continue to progress beyond the first six months of training and well through your first six years.

It’s really no surprise that newbie gains begin to fall off after your body begins to acclimate to the generic (or haphazard) training protocols you’re following, because they’re not tailored to your individual needs. When you go from a relatively sedentary lifestyle to a more regularly active one, you’re going to see some initial improvements. However, as you begin to adapt and develop a base of strength, you need a more considered and individualized approach to defy plateaus and continue making gains for the rest of your training lifetime. 

OPEX South Lake offers a one-of-a-kind personalized training experience that gives you the opportunity to ride the upward trends of your newbie gains well beyond the point where other fitness models will let you down. Come tryout OPEX South Lake in Clermont, and experience the difference in your fitness longevity when you stop doing someone else’s workout and start doing your own.

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